The below represents a general outline of the shows.  

The sequence of rounds, music selections, and styles are subject to change.


"The Rhythm is Going to Get You!"

bulletIntroductory Warmup:
bulletPercussion - Steve Gryb gets the audience in the mood by giving a very high intensity warm-up performance playing all the percussion instruments to the accompaniment of very high energy music!
bulletSongs:  Rhythm is Going to Get You and Conga and Turn the Beat Around
bullet1st Interactive Round:

Tambourines- imagine up to 100 kids play tambourines in front of the audience using the "back-beat" technique, and at the same time being involved in a Simon Says game led by the Pied Piper.  Audience members are encouraged to play along using their hands.  Every child that plays a tambourine receives a prize and at least one child is selected also for a grand prize!

bulletSongs:  Boot Scootin' "Tambourine" Boogie, Locomotion, or My Girl
bulletCall & Response Round:
bulletDrums-this breathless round is a fun mix of Steve Gryb playing drums from Africa, South America, and North America, and the shouting of "louder" and "faster" from the audience! 
bullet2nd Interactive Round:
bulletBongos - up to 80 kids sit down in front of the stage to have fun playing inflatable bongos along with the Pied Piper and his real percussion, and at the same time they are screaming in excitement!  At least one prize is awarded to the best bongo player.
bulletSong:  Wipeout
bullet3rd Interactive Round:
bulletShakers and Conga Line Dance - the infamous Wiggle, Jiggle, and Jam round!   Up to 100 kids play either brightly colored Maracas, or Fruits & Vegetable shakers that also demonstrates their ABC's such as "A is for Apple, B is for Banana, C is for cucumber, all the way through to Z for zuchini".  Imagine a long line of kids winding their way through the audience while spinning and playing along to the lively music!   Every child that plays a shaker receives a prize and at least one child is selected for a grand prize!
bulletSongs: tropical island music such as St. Thomas
bullet4th Interactive Round (time permitting):
bulletHand Drum Sound Shapes  - coordination is the key here - - kids are given geometric drum shapes and a drum stick to play along to the music at ever increasing speed!!  At least one prize is awarded to the best sound shapes player.
bulletSongs: strong rhythmic music such as Beat It
bulletDancing, Whistling, and Call & Response - everyone is energized by the show and the entire audience is given a whistle  to play while dancing and participating during the finale - - it's obvious that the rhythm definitely got them in this extremely entertaining and educational show!
bulletSongs:  I Feel Good

On top of ALL OF THIS FUN, The Pied Piper interjects descriptions of the history and the nature of percussion throughout the show !!