"Steve Gryb of Miami, Florida is a complete genius at engaging audiences, reaching children, and entertaining crowds . . . .
it's a wonderland of musical toys . . . it really is a touchingly tactile percussion experience for everyone!"

"Rhythm is Going to Get You!" Show
starring The Pied Piper of Percussion
 Steve Gryb  Steve Gryb - the Pied Piper of Percussion

Exciting, Educational, and Entertaining Interactive percussion party

for Adults & Children of all AGES!

ftwalton kidsperc.jpg (148603 bytes)  naplesnews2.jpg (15999 bytes)

Kids Day - Ft. Walton Beach, FL                                            project Kaleidoscope


North America's MOST interactive percussion show!!

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Steve Gryb is a Clinician and Endorser for the following world class companies:


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professional High-Output Bubble Machines Featured in the Show and petting Zoo !!!


It's More Than a Show . . . It's a percussion party !

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“A few weeks have passed since your performance . . .  and my colleagues are still asking, ‘how can one man play all of those instruments?’   Your stellar shows at our two day event were exciting, colorful, and a whole lot of fun.  This is the first time an exhibit of this time was welcomed by other area exhibitors.  Your musical tent provided a wholesome balance of education and fun.  I don’t think one person either adult or child ventured past your tent without stopping by to participate in ‘the rhythm is going to get you’.”
Jason Nicholson – Special Events Coordinator, Columbus City Recreation & parks, Ohio


percussion petting Zoo
All Day Hands-On Exhibit Area

p7110009_table-1.jpg (65691 bytes) p6110010_percussion_petting_zoo_2.jpg (63045 bytes)pb200032_pet_zoo_kids_lowres.jpg (83030 bytes)

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A percussion petting Zoo is a hands-on activity that introduces the young and young-at-heart to percussion instruments while setting possible pathways for future musicians.  By allowing everyone to see, touch, hear, and play the instruments, they learn that they are  an integral part of the creation of musical sounds and become familiar with how sound is produced.  This is a great way to spark a child's creativity and open the door to the world of music and its' many benefits.
It features HUNDREDS of exotic percussion instruments from around the world.
- Educational
- Stimulating
- Interactive
- Intriguing

parents for special parties, Day Care providers, School Teachers, Music Teachers, Special Needs classes, Festivals, State Fairs, Grand Openings . . . the possibilities are endless!

A 20' x 20' covered area with 3-4 long tables for displaying the instruments and plenty of space for the interaction !
If it is a tent outside, then it will need sidewalls, and one electrical outlet.
Outside venues also get to have the bubble machines

Up to 6 hours continuous exhibit time per day.

Drums of all shapes, sizes, and sounds
Shakers of all kinds
Hand cymbals
Sound Effects
and many many many others

 p2060030_maraca_tower.jpg      pb200034_zoo_boy_lowres.jpg p2060025 tambourine tower.jpg (58480 bytes)

"The kids loved your shows and the musical petting zoo was a big hit.  Many people commented about how interactive, fun, and exciting the shows were.  We were extremely pleased with the audience response to your wonderful performance.  We thank you for your dazzling, interactive, and fun performance and musical exhibit."       
June pintea, Executive Director, ExpERIEnce Children's Museum, Erie, pA

Imagine having The pied piper leading your parade
with his one-of-a-kind GIANT twirling drum !!!

  p7110049 large drum on stick.jpg (35686 bytes) 

"Thank You for the great percussion show you put on for kids at the main stage of our recent Storybook Festival.  You are truly the Pied Piper of Percussion leading our parade throughout the festival grounds.  You were great!  Thank you for your professionalism and talent!"       
Katy Mullon, Special Events Coordinator, Youth Services, Broward County, FL


Steve Gryb performs with Thomas the Tank Engine Train
across the country at DAY OUT WITH THOMAS events coast to coast in:

Baldwin City, Kansas
Utica, New York
Union City, Illinois
Heber City, Utah
New Haven, Kentucky
Connersville, Indiana
Grapevine, Texas
Spencer, North Carolina
Billings, Montana
Rock Hill Furnace, Pennsylvania
Hood River, Oregon
Cordele, Georgia
Boothbay, Maine
Chatanooga, Tennessee
Cumberland, Maryland
Tavares, Florida
Austin, Texas
Portland, Maine
Waterbury, Connecticut
Cape May, New Jersey
Miami, Florida

"Your daily shows during our event were immensely popular and our guests thoroughly enjoyed the interactive qualities of your performances.  I was impressed particularly with the energy of your shows and the overall atmosphere of fun.  Our guests were drawn toward the main stage by your bubble machines and stayed for the entire show every time!."      Kellie Murphy, Director of public programs, Museum of the American Railroad, Dallas, TX

"We were extremely pleased with the enthusiastic and thrilling entertainment of Steve Gryb, The pied piper of percussion." "Throughout the event, every performance was high energy and very entertaining.  It was such a pleasure to see all of our guests with smiles on their faces!  The most exciting portion of Steve's performance was the crowd participation.  Every child was given an opportunity to play an instrument."       
Tara Dominici, Special Events Coordinator, Sam Shortline Excursion Train, Cordele, GA

"Your pied piper of percussion show is extremely well done and our visitors enjoyed it immensely.  I believe that your being part of the event was a significant contribution to it's success."       
Michelle Marquart, General Manager, Mt. Hood Railroad, Hood River, OR

"The show was fabulous and enjoyable not only to the children but also the adults.  I would recommend Steve to anyone wishing to achieve a quality show for the money."      
Donna Corley, Event Director Day Out with Thomas, Western Maryland Scenic RR


The Ohio State Fair - Family Fun Stage - Columbus, OH

ohiostate perc.jpg (85416 bytes)


Western Idaho Fair
Boise, ID

idaho setupjpg.jpg (85494 bytes)



Southland Mall
Miami, FL

mall-1 low res.jpg (110818 bytes)

National Kid's Day
The Boys & Girls Club - Delray Beach, FL


"First Night" - New Years Eve Celebrations Across the Country:
pittsburgh, pA

Godfrey, IL  (3)
Hazelton, pA
Harrisonburg, VA
Gainesville, GA

First Night Gainesville, GA

pc310010 gainesville longshot crop low res.jpg


 VIDEO CLIpS (click here)


"Thanks for such great performances. We received many compliments on your educational and fun performances. My daughter especially enjoyed your shows – she saw them 3 times!"
Rockie Johnston, KidsFest Coordinator, 2004 Jubilee CityFest, Montgomery, AL

"I wanted to thank you for the outstanding, quality performances you provided at our annual Jump, Jive, & Jam Fest. The pied piper of percussion was talked about by many long after you were here. It was something to see grandparents, parents, entire families playing instruments and learning to love instruments together."
Sara Lawrence, Direct of Arts & Education, Jump Jive & Jam Fest, Texarkana, TX

"Steve you truly are the pied piper.  It was great to see all the young people enjoying the show.   In the 8 years of port Orange Family Festival, your performance created the excitement that we have been looking for.  We have received more great comments about your show than any children's act that we have had yet."
pete Atwood, Vice-president, port Orange Family Days, port Orange, FL

". . . thank you for the terrific concerts you put on in Naples . . . Your approach to music education is very lively and engaging.  We were pleased with the children's response and the press attention we received."

Janice paine, program Coordinator, United Arts Council of Collier County, Naples, FL.

"I'd like to thank you for your wonderful performance in Columbus, GA.  Your enthusiasm and variety of percussion instruments made the show an outstanding one for children and adults.  The fun music, the hands-on opportunities for children, and the free giveaways were all a big hit!  I've heard nothing but very positive comments about your performance.  It was a pleasure working with you."
Lesslie Carnahan, Children's Interactive Area Coordinator, Riverfest Weekend, Columbus, GA

"Gryb's percussion collection and style of 'edutainment' have helped make The Rhythm is Going to Get You, a show that is in demand across the country."
Robert Silk, Miami Herald




Steve Gryb, the pied piper of percussion from Miami, Florida, presents “The Rhythm is Going to Get You!” show.  This high energy, interactive, one-of-a-kind show has entertained and educated audiences of all ages for over 20 years throughout North America.  As an internationally known ambassador of percussion, Steve presents over 150 shows every year, and is endorsed by the top percussion companies such as Zildjian, Remo, Taye Drums, ProMark, RhythmTech, Custom Tank Drums, Aspen Shakers, Cympad, RhythmBand, ThunderEcho Drums and many others. 

Steve is also known for presenting The Percussion Petting Zoo, a hands-on, interactive, musical activity/exhibit filled with hundreds of unique percussion instruments from around the world such as Boomophones (Boom Whacker Xylophone), Remo hand drums and Bongos, Wrench-o-Phone (old wrenches tuned to be a xylophone), Seed Pods and Nut Shakers (African and South American), lots of Animal-shaped rhythm instruments, and so many more.

See and Hear examples of some percussion and sound effect instruments:

p7110070 moth cacoon deer.jpg (7664 bytes)

Moth Cocoon Ankle Rattles     (sound)

p7110051 double agogo natural.jpg (5468 bytes)

Brazil Nut Agogo     (sound)

p7110061 metal pakistan maracas.jpg (5052 bytes)

Metal  Maracas     (sound)

p7110009 ocean drum.jpg (4735 bytes)

Remo Ocean Drum        (sound)

Remo Talking Drum       (sound)

p7110035 cabasa.gif (10340 bytes)

Cabasa    (sound)

p7110081 fan shakers.jpg (5156 bytes)

African Fan Shakers    (sound)

p7110055 fruits veggies.jpg (6506 bytes)

Remo Veggie and Fruit Shakers   (sound)

p7110030 lollipop drum.jpg (8524 bytes)

Remo Lollipop Drums    (sound)

p2060008 cajon.jpg (3222 bytes)

Cajon   (sound)

p7110027 wooden bongos.jpg (3754 bytes)

Toca Wood Bongos    (sound)

p7110032 clave sticks.jpg (3856 bytes)

Kala-au    (sound)

p7110073 spoon chimes.jpg (4145 bytes)

Spoon Chimes    (sound)

p7110034 pandiero.jpg (5292 bytes)

Remo pandiero    (sound)

p7110021 triangle 3d.jpg (4546 bytes)

Spinner (sound)

p7110030 shekeres.jpg (7894 bytes)

Shekeres  (sound)

p7110014-kalimba-african-th.jpg (4861 bytes)

kalimba African Thumb piano    (sound)

p7110013 natural cuica.jpg (4743 bytes)

Zambumbia    (sound)

p7110016-shaker-combos.jpg (3703 bytes)

Mini Ganziero & Ago-Shas (sound)

p2060011 windwand.jpg (6790 bytes)

Wind Wands     (sound)

p7110013 wrenchophone.jpg (6296 bytes)

Wrenchophone    (sound)

p7110020 seashell castenets.jpg (4387 bytes)

Seashell Castanets (sound)

p7110018 stirring drum.jpg (3094 bytes)

Stirring Drum   (sound)

p7110028 vibratubes.jpg (3144 bytes)

Lp Vibra-tubes   (sound)

p7110029  bongos hand drum small.jpg (4773 bytes)

Meinl Kid's Hand Drums & Bongos (sound)

p7110031 sparkle drum.jpg (6924 bytes)

Remo Sparkle Drum  (sound)

p7110033 bike horn.jpg (4720 bytes)

Harpo Horn (sound)

p7110023 red guiro.jpg (3848 bytes)

plastic Guiro  (sound)

p7110061 vibraslap.jpg (3366 bytes)

Vibra-slap  (sound)

p7110027 rainstick.jpg (4822 bytes)

Crystal Rainstick    (sound)

p7110020 triangles.jpg (4281 bytes)

Triangles    (sound)

p7110045 lg 3d triangle chime.jpg (4290 bytes)

Trine     (sound)

p7110024 table chimes.jpg (4764 bytes)

Table Top Chimes     (sound)

p2060006 uli ulis.jpg (4113 bytes)

Uli Uli     (sound)

p7110079 frog drums.jpg (4151 bytes)

Frog Drum   (sound)

p7110036 verticle sizzle.jpg (1427 bytes)

   Sizzle Strip    (sound)

p7110034 nut cluster rattle.jpg (6007 bytes)

palm nut cluster rattle     (sound)

p7110078 bullroarer.jpg (4201 bytes)

Bullroarer    (sound)

p7110055 18-bar chime.jpg (3644 bytes)

Ohm Chime Ladders    (sound)

p7110070 donkey jaw.jpg (3194 bytes)

Donkey Jawbone   (sound)

p2060018 sambago bells.jpg (3293 bytes)

Lp Sambago Bells  (sound)

p7110054 snocker.jpg (2879 bytes)

Snocker   (sound)

p7110060 seed pod rattles.jpg (5568 bytes)

Jequitiba Nut & other rattles (sound)

p7110005 red doumbek.jpg (2755 bytes)

Remo Dumbek    (sound)

p7110080 reindeer rattle.jpg (5162 bytes)

Reindeer Hoof Rattle   (sound)

p7110058 compact conga.jpg (2923 bytes)

Lp Compact  Conga (sound)

p7110063 baby bongo conga.jpg (4880 bytes)

Mini Bongos & Conga   (sound)

p7110072 brass chime tree.jpg (1860 bytes)

RhythmTech Barbells   (sound)

p7110050 pirinese windchime.jpg (2346 bytes)

Pyrenees Wind Chimes  (sound)

p7110022 coil chime.jpg (4434 bytes)

Coil Chime (sound)

p7110017 hang bar chimes.jpg (18318 bytes)

RhythmTech Mini Bar Chime  (sound)

p7110019 tingle cups.jpg (2385 bytes)

Tingle Cups on Rope (sound)

p7110032 congitas.jpg (15741 bytes)

Lp Congita  Shakers    (sound)

p7110060-flexatone.jpg (4170 bytes)

Lp Flexitone    (sound)

p7110052 ghourd wind chime.jpg (3608 bytes)

Gourd Jangles  (sound)

p7110026 congitas.jpg (20235 bytes)

Lp Conga  Shakers    (sound)

p7110067 tang tangs.jpg (20202 bytes)

Buzz Sticks (Devil Chasers)  (sound)

p2060033 short congas.jpg (2529 bytes)

Remo Conguitass   (sound)

p2060020 sm chinese bell.jpg (2681 bytes)

Chinese Bell Chime (sound)

p7110016 gong.jpg (2606 bytes)

Gong  (sound)

p2060004 rhythmtech UFO.jpg (19110 bytes)

RhythmTech UFO (Unidentified Funky Object)(sound

p2060021 cluster drums.jpg (3490 bytes)

Remo Cluster Drums  (sound)

p7110056 brass jingle bells.jpg (3093 bytes)

Brass Jingle Bells (sound)

p2060014 sound discs.jpg (2295 bytes)

Paiste Sound Discs   (sound)

p2060041 goat toenail rattle.jpg (5781 bytes)

Goat Toenails Rattle     (sound)

p7110062 jingle bell sticks.jpg (6108 bytes)

Jingle Bell Sticks  (sound)

p2060036 spring drums.jpg (22643 bytes)

Remo Spring Drums or Thunder Tubes     (sound)

p2060001 kids hand drums.jpg (27598 bytes)

Remo Kids Hand Drums    (sound)

p7110053 wooden tambourines.jpg (5230 bytes)

Fish & Horseshoe Tambourines  (sound)

p2060022 timbalitos.jpg (3357 bytes)

Timbalitos (sound)

p2060008 hi lo blast blocks.jpg (3047 bytes)

LP Hi & Lo Jam Blocks (sound)

p2060031 paddle drums.jpg (19304 bytes)

Remo paddle Drums   (sound)

p2060040 agogo drums.jpg (19814 bytes)

Remo Agogo Drum  (sound)

p2060037 spiral chime.jpg (5045 bytes)

Ohm Spiral Chime  (sound)

p2060038 zildjian earth plates.jpg (1629 bytes)

Zildjian Earth plates    (sound)

p2060004 sound shapes.jpg (2982 bytes)

Circular Remo Sound Shapes  (sound)

p2060027 12 rhythmtech djembe.jpg (18288 bytes)

RhythnmTech 10" and 12" Djembes      (sound)

p2060020 tamborim.jpg (5555 bytes)

Tamborim  (sound)

p2060021 tribells.jpg (2681 bytes)

LP Tribells  (sound)

p2060042 rib bones.jpg (19030 bytes)

Rib Bones   (sound)

p7110025 lalas.jpg (17414 bytes)

LaLas  (sound)

p2060004 rhythmtech moon block.jpg (3166 bytes)

RhythmTech Moon Block    (sound)

p2060006 agopop.jpg (12086 bytes)

Ago-pop  (sound)

p2060015 granite block.jpg (17684 bytes)

LP Granite Block  (sound)

p2060024 cyclopse shakers.jpg (20716 bytes)

LP Cyclopes Shakers-    (sound)

p2060045 double reco reco.jpg (20181 bytes)

Reco Reco (Double Guiro)   (sound)

p7110019 tingle cups.jpg (2385 bytes)

UFIP Accent Cymbals (sound)

p7110046 washboard.jpg (18716 bytes)

Washboard (sound)

12" Tamborito  (sound)

Ganza pratinelas (Rocor)   (sound)

Zildjian Cymbals (sound)

Whistling Tubes (sound)

Sardine & Tomato Can Thumb pianos (sound)

Meinl Lo & High pitch percussion Blocks (sound)

Small & Large Indonesian Antique Cow Bells   (sound)

Toca Clave Blocks-soprano, alto, tenor, baritone, bas(sound)

Moroccan Story Telling Drum  (sound)

Feng Shui Brass Bell Set and Asian Temple Blocks (fish)  (sound)

Charrasquita   (sound)

LP Agogos   (sound)

LP Key Chimes   (sound

Remo Geometric Sound Shapes  (sound)

Muzzar  (sound)

Remo 8" MondoTombek  (sound)

RhythmTech Clave Bells Small & Large (sound)

Octobans   (sound)

Beaded Maracas   (sound)

Lp Killer Klave     (sound)

Factory Metal Celtic Crosses (sound)

Native American Rattles  (sound)

Quijama  (sound)

Angklung  (sound)

Titilators (wooden maracas) (sound)

Nino wood block with handle (sound)

Sanhsua  (sound)

Vietnamese Chunmo (sound)

Slit Drums (sound)

Guatemalan Whistle pot and Owl Whistle (sound)

Ghana Stick Shakers   (sound)

Gon Bops Double Ak block  (sound)

Gamelan  (sound)

Earth Drum  (sound)

Mobile Jatoba  (sound)

Ting Klik (sound)


Snake rainstick  (sound)

Lp Ching Chok  (sound)

Mounted Castanets (sound)

Skull Drum (sound)

UFiP Ximbaus - Sm, Med, Lg   

Belt of Bells 

Giant Bell Tree (sound)

Frog Rasp (sound)

Armadillo Rattle (sound)

Pearl Tang Tang (sound)

LP Udders (sound)


Vietnamese pig Shaker (sound)


Chili Kul-Kul (sound)

Meinl Birds & Waterfall Cluster Rattles (sound)

Saw Blade Chimes (sound)

Basket Shakers (sound)

p9100001 pentangle duff drum.jpg (1092712 bytes)

pentangle Duff Drum   (sound

p7110045 egg heads.jpg (4934 bytes)

Lp Egghead Shakers (sound)

p7110058 sm skull shakers.jpg (4277 bytes)

Small Skull Shakers (sound) 

p7110049 large drum on stick.jpg (35686 bytes)

Giant Twirling Drum (sound)


African Iron Gong (sound)

Remo Click Clack (sound)

Lp Circular Brass Windchimes (sound)


paul E Moon E Drum (sound)



17" Serpent Cymbal (sound)



Toca Lg Bamboo Guiro (sound


UFiP Set of 5 Agororo plates (sound



Cricket  (sound)

New Guinnea Seed pod Rattle (sound)

Coconut Shaker & African Y-Rattle (sound)

Bulb Horns (sound)

6 by 10 Side Snare (sound)


Crash Box (sound)

Straight Ganza pratinelas (sound)


Zildjian 18" Spiral Trash Cymbal (sound)

Treworks Triangle Tree (sound)



Centipede (sound)

Lp RhythMix X-Drum (sound)


Afuche (sound)

Meinl Racquet Tambourine (sound)

Crescent Tambourine (sound)

RhythmTech Scratcher and piccolo Scratcher (sound)

Wooden claps (sound)

palma sticks (sound)

Peace Octobans (sound)


Moroccan Iron Castanets (sound)

hammerax 18", 20", 15" Boomywangs - (sounds)

hammerax 18" Lash (sound)

hammerax 14" Glass (sound)

hammerax 18" Meanie (sound)

hammerax 30" Boomywang (sound)

hammerax 15" Volcano (sound)

hammerax 20" Boomywang with TurboCup (sound)

hammerax 15" Hell Bell Hyperbell Cymbal (sound)

hammerax 13" Crunch Bell Cymbal (sound)

Sonar Bamboo Jam Tubes (sound)

Meinl Wooden Cluster Rattle (sound)

Kokoro (sound)

Tycoon Dice Shakers (sound)

Tycoon peanut Shakers (sound)

Tycoon Strawberry Shakers (sound)

Tycoon Mini-Bongo Shakers (sound)

Wooden Fish Clacker (sound)

Turkey Gobbler (sound)

hammerax Splash Vine (sound)

Indonesian Reed Shaker (sound)

Brass Jingle Shakers (sound)

Wooden Circular Jingle Shakers (sound)

Large Shaker Eggs (sound)

Tycoon Cherry Shakers (sound)

African Jingle Stick (sound)

img_3241 Meinl Helix Bowl.jpg (23718 bytes)

Meinl Helix Bowl (sound)

img_3242 meinl liquid triangle.jpg (24038 bytes)

Meinl Liquid Triangle (sound)

img_3244 nmmou special Effect.jpg (26889 bytes)

Nmmou Special Effect (sound)

img_3245 pearl gatling cabasa.jpg (26225 bytes)

pearl Gatling Cabasa (sound)

img_3246 Obele Or-Shar Shakers.jpg (25632 bytes)

Obele Or-Shar Shakers (sound)

img_3247 3-way wood scraper.jpg (20745 bytes)

3-way Wood Scraper (sound)

img_3250 Remo Cuica 5x5 inch.jpg (22962 bytes)

Remo 5x5" Cuica (sound)

img_3252 Brass pipe Tube Chimes.jpg (33256 bytes)

Brass pipe Tube Chime (sound)

img_3254 om rock chime ladder.jpg (24663 bytes)

Om Rock Chime Ladder (sound)

img_3255 sabian 15in pentagon prototype cymbal.jpg (24108 bytes)

Sabian 15" pentagon Cymbal prototype (sound)

img_3256 turtle drums.jpg (26924 bytes)

Turtle Drums (sound)

img_3258 nino shake and play educational set.jpg (26439 bytes)

Nino Shake & play Educational Set (sound)

img_3259 flower pot drums.jpg (31469 bytes)

Flower pot Drums (sound)

img_3260  Jesticks.jpg (29554 bytes)

Jesticks (sound)

img_3263 marching men.jpg (38040 bytes)

Marching Men (sound)

img_3264 louisiana zydecco tie.jpg (28870 bytes)

Louisiana Zydecco Tie (sound)

img_3266 native american stick shaker Drum rattle.jpg (24220 bytes)

Native American Stick Shaker Drum Rattle (sound)

img_3267 Meinl Headed Spark Shaker.jpg (34778 bytes)

Meinl Headed Spark Shaker (sound)

img_3268 Meinl Wah Wah SHaker.jpg (19886 bytes)

Meinl Wah-Wah Shaker (sound)

img_3270 Meinl UFO Loop Shakers.jpg (22248 bytes)

Meinl UFO Loop Shaker (sound)

img_3272 Meinl Spark Shakers.jpg (29246 bytes)

Meinl Spark Shakers (sound)

img_3273 Toca Globe Shakers.jpg (26428 bytes)

Toca Globe Shakers (sound)


Ginga Shakers (sound)


Remo Mini Shakers (sound)

Toca Neon Shakers (sound)

Ghana Gourd Shakers (sound)

hammerax Crash Course (sound)

Remo Didgeharps (sound)

hammerax Bash (sound)

Drum Crank (sound)


Remo FX Shakers (sound)


Orshar Super Shakers (sound)

Hammerax Dust Bowl (sound)

Zildjian 16-in Spiral Trash Cymbal (sound)


TREE WORKS  "Spring Tree"


Double Aspen Shaker
Double Aspen Shaker

African Shaker Extra Large

Coconut Cabasa

Guatemalan Slit Drums

LP Monsoon Rainmaker

Remo Spring Drum
Sabian 7" and 9" Aluminum Bells

Saluda 6" V-Bell
Saluda 7" and 8" V-Bells

Tangereens Shaker and Bell Sticks

UFIP 3-disc and 6-tree
Custom Tank Drum 
Custom Tank Drum
Tranquility Gong

Zildjian 9.5-inch Zil-Bel

Zildjian 6-inch Zil-Bel

Nino Wood Hand Castanets

LP Triple Bongos

Nino Triangular Wood Shakers

Nino Square Wood Shakers

Schlagwerk Jinglestick

Sabian prototype Wheel

Sabian prototype V-wave with 23 rivets

Rhythm Band Rap Sticks

Remo Spoxe

ping pong Ball Rattles

Nino Woodpecker

Nino Glockenfish (sound)

Native American Rattle (sound)

Mideast Jester Clapper (sound)
Custom Tank Drum
Custom Tank Drum
Meinl Cajita Cajon (sound)

LP Vari-Shaker (sound)

gift tree nut shell shaker

LP Cyclone Shaker (sound)

gift tree chestnutnut shaker

Handheld Bell Tree

Factory Metal 22-inch Vertical China

Cayman Seashell Rattle

Blossom Bells-Pete Engelhart

Atarigane Sm Brass Gong

Toca Acrylic Cuica

4-inch Hand Gong

Sabian prototype
42"  Giant Sound Ring

Phillipine Wind Chimes

Phillipine Wind Chimes
Batwing Gong Matt Noland
27" Batwing Gong  sound
RhythmBand Desk Bells
Treworks Biangle Chime  sound
Pentagon Cymbal Trio
Wuhan Linear Cymbals
11", 13", 15" (sound)
Sabian Prototype 5-sided triangle
Remo African Drum
Remo Not-So-Loud (NSL) 12" Ladoumbe
Remo Giant Cuica

Remo Giant Cuica

Dayereh (sound)

Remo 14" Dayereh

Tamborim Single Jingle
Remo 12" Tamboriq
Remo 9" Riq
Remo 12", 10", 8"
Tablatone Frame Drums
Wooden Rattle
Toca Wooden Ankle Rattle (sound)
RhythmBand Boom-a-Phones
Conga shaker and scraper
Shonga Shaker Guiro and Shonger Shaker
Remo Tubanito
Duo Drums 
Remo Buffalo Drums
Factory Metal Fire Bell
Giant Sizzle Strips 
Toca Static Whips (Lg & Sm)
Giant Wooden Ratchet 
Giant Wooden Ratchet
Triple Blocks
Remo Acousti-Blox 
Wooden Box Drums
OffWorld Percussion Gemini Series Duo (sound
Wooden Box Drums 
OffWorld Percussion
Gemini Series Solo
Wooden Shakers 
Z-Stick Donut/Donut Hole Shakers (sound)
5-gallon Drums 
2.5 & 5-gallon Bucket Drums (sound)
Basket Jingle Shakers 
Basket Jingle Shakers (sound)
Cymbal Tree
Sabian prototype Cymbal Tree
Executive Desk Bells 
Sabian Executive Desk Bells
Gibraltar Hot Hat Bells 
Gibraltar Hot Hat Bells
Gon Bops Microphone Shakers 
Gon Bops Microphone Shaker
Gon Bops 
Gon Bops Waterfall Shell Chimes  (sound)
LP Dual Shakers 
LP Double Chiquita Shakers
LP Hand Triangle 
LP One Hand Triangle
LP Jingle clacker 
LP Percusso
LP Shaker 
LP Wah Shaker
Meinl Drums 
Meinl Attack Timbales
Meinl Galaxy 
Meinl Galaxy
Meinl Metal Shakers 
Meinl Cone Stack Shakers
Metal Tamborine 
Sabian High Hat Jingle
Multicolor Tamborines
 Multicolor Tamborines
Sabian Cymbal 
Sabian Chopper
Small Key Chimes 
Ron Vaughn Rotating Studio  Key Chimes
Toca Hand Castenets 
Toca PIccolo Castanets
Toca Wave Drum 
Toca Wave Drum
Toca Jingle Shake

Gon Bops metal claves

Nino 7-inch rattle sticks
LP castanetes machine Dream 10-inch Han effect cymbal
Dream 7-inch ReFX-bell

Zildjian A series 12-inch splash cymbal
 Aspen Shakers Zildjian 14-inch K custom fast crash cymbal
Elephant Wooden Plate Ratchet

Alaskan Hand Drum

Zildjian 7.5 inch Volcano cup zil-bell

Zildjian low-C Crotale
Zildjian 14-inch ZXT trashformer cymbal

12-inch medium chinese effects cymbal (circa 1980's) possible wuhan
Zildjian 11-inch K custom hybrid splash cymbal Zildjian 14-inch A medium crash cymbal Zildjian ZXT trashformer cymbals
(8-inch and10-inch)

Zildjian 12-inch K custom dark spash cymbal
Zildjian  15-inch K custom dark crash cymbal Zildjian  15-inch K constantinople crash cymbal Zildjian 13-inch A medium crash cymbal

Zildjian 16-inch A series medium crash cymbal
Zildjian 17-inch K custom hybrid crash cymbal Zildjian 15-inch 1960's high hat cymbals Zildjian 21-inch K custom hybrid ride cymbal

Zildjian 20-inch K constantinople medium thin ride high with 6 rivets   cymbal
Zildjian 20-inch K custom left-side ride with 3 rivets cymbal Zildjian 17-inch K dark crash thin cymbal Zildjian 17-inch fx El Sonido multi-crash ride cymbal

Zildjian16-inch K custom session crash cymbal
  Zildjian 20-inch fx oriental crash of doom cymbal Zildjian A custom 18-inch Rezo Pang cymbal

Zildjian 22-inch A series Swish Knocker cymbal (top view)
Zildjian 22-inch A series Swish Knocker cymbal (bottom view)    



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