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by Steven D. Gryb

Nationally Known Music Educator, Performer and Lecturer

"Steve is an encyclopedia of music...it is amazing how he is able to teach us something while we are SO thoroughly entertained. He does it ALL so well!"

Lynne Elizabeth, Grand Circle Travel

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Music of the Millennium
The Music of South Florida
Tropical Music - Hot, Hot, Hot

Jazz and Blues: Their Special Relationship
The Roots of Jazz
The Evolution of the Jazz Guitar
Jazz for Kids
Why is Jazz Important?
The Jazz Master Series:
Louis Armstrong
Duke Ellington
Charlie Parker
Miles Davis
John Coltrane

Rhythm is Going to Get You
The Beat Goes On

The Roots of the Blues
The Blues Master Series:
Great Country Blues Artists
Great Classic Blues Artists
Great Rhythm & Blues Artists
Great Urban Blues Artists

The Roots of Rock & Roll
The Rock & Roll Masters Series:
Jimi Hendrix
Chuck Berry
Bob Dylan
The Beatles
The British Invasion

The Roots of Country Music Folk Music USA Reggae
Funk Music
Soul Music - It's Roots
Southern Soul

Improvisation: All Levels
Jazz Theory: All Levels
Rhythm Section Coaching: All Levels
Jazz Guitar: All Levels